Welcome to “Sins of Scarlet,” my personal blog and online portfolio.

I appreciate your visit to my site. Within my blog, you will find my personal rants and raves about a number of subjects. Nothing specific in particular – I write about what is currently amusing to me. And I am amused very easily.

Please feel free to visit my portfolio as well. I have links to some of my published work, in addition to design and photography samples. I am proficient in writing, editing, photography, design, marketing and advertising.

If you are a reader with any concerns, questions, comments or praise – please feel free to leave me a comment. All comments are held until approved, but I do not discriminate based on negativity – only hate speech. If you dislike my ramblings – post a comment. Otherwise, how will I ever know to improve?

If you are a potential employer and interested in my resume, please feel free to send me an e-mail to sinsofscarlet@gmail.com. If you have a private comment or question, or want a direct response, send me an e-mail too. I welcome any dialogue.

Again, my deepest appreciation to you for stopping by. And remember – sins can be forgiven, but a good time and a good book can never be forgotten.

– Andy